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What Are People Saying About Hillary Clintons New College Compact Plan

In the last post we talked specifically about Hillary Clinton’s ideas on how she would help with our student loan crisis. A topic such as this has no doubt many expressing their own opinions over the matter and specifically over the ideas of anyone trying to help with the current situation.

The New College Compact, designed by Hillary Clinton, has brought forth many interesting comments one of which was asked by username TM, “Is there no personal responsibility left in America?”

Instead of empathizing with the situation some students and graduates are in, there are some who look at it with a different point of view. Some are saying that if people want to have an education so badly, then they should be willing to work hard and sacrifice things for it.

It’s an interesting point because as a student it is very easy to have the mentality that education of all sort should be free; which I completely agree with. But, there’s also another side in which I believe that having some sort of reasonable responsibility should come along with attending a college.

Now personally as a college student I would love it if my tuition was completely covered by the government as I believe it should be, though I also realize how much having to pay for things myself and manage things on my own has given me a sense of responsibility. Its seems a bit much to me that every single little thing be paid for. Though that being said I also realize that there are so many who come from so vast a background that really do not have the funds to help with anything at all.


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Commenter Eric Gilmore brought up an interesting point saying that in Hillary’s plan it is still expected for families to help support their children financially in attending school but if this plan takes effect the poorest are the ones who are going to be the most affected. “I get the notion from her plan that it still requires some degree of suffering with our young people, and as such the poorest off will obviously hurt the most from that.” It’s truly an eye opening comment because, if families are still being expected to help pay according to how much they make it is still a burden amongst the family especially for those who truly cannot afford it. Many families live off paycheck to paycheck or even worse. To expect family support is almost in a sense like taking the burden off the student and giving it to their parents instead, which doesn’t fix the problem.

I think there should be an equal balance between having help and also having your own responsibility depending on you and your families personal economic status.Though if we are going to be responsible for some of our costs it cannot be ridiculous nor unreasonably impossible to be able to do so without sacrificing our quality of life.


Hillary Clintons Plans on Our Student Loans

Out of every candidate in the presidential debate Hillary Clinton’s idea on our student loan crisis has been the most scrutinized. It might have to do with the fact that she was the first candidate to bring up the topic and present her idea which she calls “The New College Compact”.It is currently an important factor that is keeping her well established within different generations and culture groups.

There are five main points that she believes will be able to make college affordable to all who “work hard to put themselves through school”. One of the things she mentions is her plan to make community college free. A thought originally presented by Obama that she has now incorporated into her plan. Many of us choose to attend community colleges in order to save some money before attending a university. It is a common choice among us college students. So when someone presents the idea of making community college free, there will be many on board. But how many of us know how hard it is to get credit for classes we’ve taken once we decide to transfer; its an absolute mess. With a plan that makes sure our credits will count and facilitate our transition from community college to a four year school, she is successfully reaching out to so many potential voters.

Secondly, colleges will have to strive to make their tuition affordable and will also have a lot of liability when it comes to the success of their students. An example Hillary presents is if we do end up needing to take out loans for programs “that don’t lead to good-paying jobs”, then our universities will have to take some responsibility as well. The burden of having to pay for school ourselves suddenly does not look as daunting. As college students we don’t hold so much trust in our education system but if they also have to respond when things don’t work out then I think it makes a lot of us feel more trusting and at ease.

Her new policy will also ask the state to once again meet their obligation in funding higher education and the state will once again have to invest in our education. Such a relief to our ears! There’s always so much action against the investment on higher education, it’s always what the state decides to take money away from.


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Lastly, those with outstanding student debt will be able to refinance it at a much lower cost rate. What a relieving thought to many out there. As I mentioned in my post before, at times student loans end up defining our economic status and this could potentially redefine that for many of us.

All this sounds great, but we do run into the possibility that if Hillary is elected will those in the house agree with her. “If elected, could she persuade Congress…whose legislatures have been increasingly controlled by Republicans…”(NY Times). We as common people can relate to it, but it’s a different story for those in the political area. They aren’t just thinking about our education, but they are also thinking about the country as a whole. The thought of not being able to make profit from higher education does not sit well when it is one of the things bringing in a good amount of profit to the state. What are we to think if Hillary is elected, could she be able to convince Republicans in the house?

What Are Presidential Candidates Saying About Student Loans?

It is currently that time of year when college freshmen find themselves excited about starting a new chapter in their lives; until they realize how much it actually costs to have an education.

What once filled us with excitement suddenly is not so exciting anymore.

As presidential debates take place the topic of student loans has come up; so tactfully introduced by Hillary Clinton. It will be interesting to see in depth how each candidate presents their own ideas on our student loan crisis. Some are already presenting a free based college education, some are simply trying to lower cost, and most Republicans are trying to increase budget cuts in higher education. That, I believe does not come as a surprise.

For the majority of us we find ourselves not being able to afford a quality education; unless you decide to take the plunge and take out student loans. That brings up a whole other set of potential problems. It is a situation most of us find ourselves in at some point in our lives, something so relatable to every generation, and a topic that never seems to die off. If there is discussion on how to better our situation I’m sure many of us want to be a part of it.

It does not matter what ethnicity you are. If you’re living in the United States attending college or have graduated with the help of loans, you are going to want to listen in on the conversation. It is a topic so universally experienced ranging from all generations young and old, from regions all over the world. I know that it is definitely a topic that I am personally interested in as a sophomore in a four year university in one of the most expensive cities of California; San Francisco.

I do think it is fair to say that this topic does to an extent evoke a stronger sense of importance to college students that are currently attending school. College students who are now in the prime of being able to vote and have a “voice” are the ones that are taking the most interest in this topic.

Student debt is something that plays a major role in the life of young adults. It defines the economic part of their personal lives; a thought that most of us do not realize. Most believe that somehow someway they will be able to afford college, and then somehow someway they will be able to pay it all back once they are done attending school. We do not stop to realize that these debts actually end up defining our economic status in the long run.

Whose propositions are more realistic is something that we will have to look into. Along with what kind of tactics these candidates are trying to use in order to court the population. A lot can be said in order to entice the audience. Whether or not things may be realistic or trustworthy are a different story. In order to look at each proposition carefully we will also have to look at who each candidate is targeting with their propositions; lower class or higher class, etc. What position is the population in that may possibly affect how they react to each candidate?