What Are Presidential Candidates Saying About Student Loans?

It is currently that time of year when college freshmen find themselves excited about starting a new chapter in their lives; until they realize how much it actually costs to have an education.

What once filled us with excitement suddenly is not so exciting anymore.

As presidential debates take place the topic of student loans has come up; so tactfully introduced by Hillary Clinton. It will be interesting to see in depth how each candidate presents their own ideas on our student loan crisis. Some are already presenting a free based college education, some are simply trying to lower cost, and most Republicans are trying to increase budget cuts in higher education. That, I believe does not come as a surprise.

For the majority of us we find ourselves not being able to afford a quality education; unless you decide to take the plunge and take out student loans. That brings up a whole other set of potential problems. It is a situation most of us find ourselves in at some point in our lives, something so relatable to every generation, and a topic that never seems to die off. If there is discussion on how to better our situation I’m sure many of us want to be a part of it.

It does not matter what ethnicity you are. If you’re living in the United States attending college or have graduated with the help of loans, you are going to want to listen in on the conversation. It is a topic so universally experienced ranging from all generations young and old, from regions all over the world. I know that it is definitely a topic that I am personally interested in as a sophomore in a four year university in one of the most expensive cities of California; San Francisco.

I do think it is fair to say that this topic does to an extent evoke a stronger sense of importance to college students that are currently attending school. College students who are now in the prime of being able to vote and have a “voice” are the ones that are taking the most interest in this topic.

Student debt is something that plays a major role in the life of young adults. It defines the economic part of their personal lives; a thought that most of us do not realize. Most believe that somehow someway they will be able to afford college, and then somehow someway they will be able to pay it all back once they are done attending school. We do not stop to realize that these debts actually end up defining our economic status in the long run.

Whose propositions are more realistic is something that we will have to look into. Along with what kind of tactics these candidates are trying to use in order to court the population. A lot can be said in order to entice the audience. Whether or not things may be realistic or trustworthy are a different story. In order to look at each proposition carefully we will also have to look at who each candidate is targeting with their propositions; lower class or higher class, etc. What position is the population in that may possibly affect how they react to each candidate?


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