What Are People Saying About Hillary Clintons New College Compact Plan

In the last post we talked specifically about Hillary Clinton’s ideas on how she would help with our student loan crisis. A topic such as this has no doubt many expressing their own opinions over the matter and specifically over the ideas of anyone trying to help with the current situation.

The New College Compact, designed by Hillary Clinton, has brought forth many interesting comments one of which was asked by username TM, “Is there no personal responsibility left in America?”

Instead of empathizing with the situation some students and graduates are in, there are some who look at it with a different point of view. Some are saying that if people want to have an education so badly, then they should be willing to work hard and sacrifice things for it.

It’s an interesting point because as a student it is very easy to have the mentality that education of all sort should be free; which I completely agree with. But, there’s also another side in which I believe that having some sort of reasonable responsibility should come along with attending a college.

Now personally as a college student I would love it if my tuition was completely covered by the government as I believe it should be, though I also realize how much having to pay for things myself and manage things on my own has given me a sense of responsibility. Its seems a bit much to me that every single little thing be paid for. Though that being said I also realize that there are so many who come from so vast a background that really do not have the funds to help with anything at all.


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Commenter Eric Gilmore brought up an interesting point saying that in Hillary’s plan it is still expected for families to help support their children financially in attending school but if this plan takes effect the poorest are the ones who are going to be the most affected. “I get the notion from her plan that it still requires some degree of suffering with our young people, and as such the poorest off will obviously hurt the most from that.” It’s truly an eye opening comment because, if families are still being expected to help pay according to how much they make it is still a burden amongst the family especially for those who truly cannot afford it. Many families live off paycheck to paycheck or even worse. To expect family support is almost in a sense like taking the burden off the student and giving it to their parents instead, which doesn’t fix the problem.

I think there should be an equal balance between having help and also having your own responsibility depending on you and your families personal economic status.Though if we are going to be responsible for some of our costs it cannot be ridiculous nor unreasonably impossible to be able to do so without sacrificing our quality of life.


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