Why I Believe A Mass Movement is Necessary to Change Our Student Loan Crisis

.Student loan debts are becoming increasingly hard to pay off. Interest rates are too high and the degrees we went to school for are simply not helping us find jobs. I believe a massive movement of debtors simultaneously defaulting their loans would successfully provide a change that the higher education system desperately needs.

Image from Google

Image from Google

Everyone knows that individually defaulting on your loans brings about serious repercussions that would undoubtedly bring on a lot more hardship than when you were paying your debt; there is no doubt about that. But defaulting in mass would instead eliminate those sorts of problems. A movement like this would take away the  individuality because it would create a larger sense of a problem. Those in charge would be thinking about the situation as a whole and not about targeting the individuals.

If officials were to instead speculate on the individual midst of a larger problem, then we really need to consider what kind of government we are currently under.

Now if we take the time to look at other movements like Black Lives Matter, they all have been done in mass without repercussions to the individuals involved.  Instead movements such as these have brought forth many achievements. So far they have achieved raising the awareness to important questions about our justice system. Because of this movement we now have police officers wearing cameras on their person.

In another case, in the CSU system, recently in years previous professors went on a campus wide strike where they cancelled classes in order to pressure those in charge to give them a much needed raise in salary. This then resulted in those in charge granting the professors a small raise. Despite the raise still not being enough, there was rapid movement on behalf of the other side.

Looking at another important mass movement that brought us to where we are today, the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi. Before it blacks were not allowed to eat, shop, vote or attend the same colleges as everyone else. This movement is now the result of integrated schools, jobs and political statuses. Not too long ago was our first black president elected, an act that too was a result of this movement. While it was a triumphant movement there were also hardships endured throughout the whole process.

Image from Google

Image from Google

A mass movement isn’t easy. They consist of hardship, patience, and persistence, but they are a necessity so that society may continue to unfold and progress in better ways than they are.

Looking at these examples and endless more we know that if we act in mass, there will be movement and there will be change.


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