Strike Against The Higher Education System To End Tuition



In order to convince young student debtors that they should bind together and strike the higher education system to end tuition, I created a PSA poster that conveys the anger and frustration that student debtors feel, in order to convince them to fight for what is their right.

While there are student loan debtors who are older than the target audience, this poster specifically reaches out to young student loan debtors because they are in the prime of their debt. Some have finished college and others are about to finish and are starting to feel the pressure of having to pay off their loans. In general I believe this younger generation has more of a drive to fight for what they believe to be correct as opposed to those who have been paying for a good amount of years and have already accepted their situation.

The emotion that I was trying to tap into was that of the anger debtors experience at having to pay for something that they shouldn’t have to. The way that I decided to do that was by choosing an image that clearly depicted the action that I wanted to take place, but that also visibly portrayed the the debtors seeming angry and frustrated. You can see in the way their faces scrunch up as they scream their displeasure and anger.  The signs that they are holding up also portray the anger seeing as no one uses that sort of language unless they are in a state of frustration.

I also tried to tap into the emotion of anger by clearly stating in the message that higher education is their right rather than a privilege. This implies that higher education is something that belongs to them. When a person feels as though something belongs to them it is in their nature to take back what someone has incorrectly taken from them, even if it means having to fight for it. Which brings me to the action that the poster shows should take place; striking. Not only have I specifically mentioned it in my message but I have also placed an image that clearly shows the action being done.

The topic of discussion is not something many take lightly so I tried to use colors to portray a sense of seriousness to the poster topic. I chose the color black as the background, a color that is usually associated with things that are not good. Dark colors can be related to terrible events, such as black dress codes for events of mourning. Setting the background black creates an atmosphere and feeling that is hopefully negative, like the debt situation. It also matches the color scheme of the black and red poster one of the protesters is holding in the image. Red, also typically a color that is attached to the emotion of anger.

The type of font that was chosen was used in a way that would represent an important and serious topic. The font is straight and sharp edged, typically used to write important papers containing important topics. It is critical to stress the graveness of the situation in order for it to be taken seriously and in order for their to be actions taking place against it. The more legitimate the poster seems, the more people will take our debt situation seriously.

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